New TV Show with Dr Adam Fraser - Live Well on Network Seven

Live Well is Network Seven’s new health and wellbeing series going to air May 2014.  Live Well will be the TV you turn to for an honest and open discussion about health and wellbeing, inspiring people to a more positive outcome. Engaging, informative and entertaining, this  10 x one hour series will champion and celebrate good health …  helping people stay active, live better and reach their lifestyle goals. 

One of the topics Live Well is keen to look at is winter happiness. Do you find it difficult to motivate during the winter months? Are you always working, but never playing? Do you find yourself feeling flat most of the time? Do you just want a little push to get that extra edge of happiness in your life?


We are looking for an individual who feels they could be happier, with more motivation and energy to enjoy their life. We are seeking an individual who is stuck in a bit of a rut, and wants to do something about it.   

Live Well can help re-energise your life.

Live Well has teamed up with Dr Adam Fraser, one of Australia’s leading educators, researchers and behaviour modification experts to help one individual get re-motivated,  build better lifestyle and live a happier life.

His website is: 

Segments of this project will be filmed for inclusion in the show over the next 5 weeks.

Please note, there’s no remuneration for participation. This is a rare opportunity for a major life change … at no cost.

If you’re interested please contact: