Why do I behave like that?

In my experience one of the major problems facing the employees is the lack of emotional control and poor thinking styles when things go wrong in the work place. The result is conflict and low moral between workers. The way to avoid this is to have your team gain a proper understanding of emotional intelligence (EI) and cognitive regulation. In other words understanding how we regulate emotions and how we regulate the thoughts we think.

In this workshop individuals will learn to assess and work with the cognitive and emotional competencies that underpin Self Awareness, Self Management, workplace skills and Leadership.

This workshop covers:

  • Current scientific and business support for emotional intelligence (EI)

  • Practical implications and real-life effects of emotions
  • Working knowledge to best practice frameworks for EI.
  • How to measure and continually improve your own EI
  • How EI drives leadership, culture and performance
  • How we explain the world to ourselves
  • Toxic thinking patterns
  • How to develop a thinking pattern that is accurate, realistic and optimistic.

A key component of this course will be the sharing and growing that happens within the group, the result is strong cohesion between members of the team and a greater sense of team building. This context offers a rich opportunity to learn from your colleagues what works and how to do it.

Following this course you will:

  • Understand how emotion underpins performance
  • Significantly deepen your self awareness and EI impact at work
  • Understand healthy thinking patterns
  • Be able to apply these techniques to your working day, the result will be a less stressful and more productive day