Rehab your habits

Many people adopt destructive habits that lead to poor performance, reduced productivity, few tasks being completed, conflict within the work place, high levels of stress, exhaustion, disengagement and negative emotion. Our habits determine our success and productivity. In most cases individuals are not aware of the fact that their habits are detrimental and even if they are, they find it very difficult to change them.

This presentation walks people through a process of rehabilitating their detrimental habits.

This high content yet tongue in cheek presentation will take you through the 9 steps to rehabilitating your habits.

They are:

  • Admitting you have a problem
  • Auditing your habits
  • Conducting an intervention
  • Getting an action plan
  • Going into rehab (in - patient)
  • Getting support
  • Setting up your environment to support the new habit
  • Coming out of rehab (out – patient)
  • What to do when you relapse


This presentation gets individuals and teams to assess and evaluate their habits. It encourages them to be mindful and self reflective about their behaviour as an individual and a team member. They leave being much more strategic about how they are spending their time and with an action plan and tool kit on how they can alter their habits to ones that will increase performance and engagement.