Presentation skills

Proper presentation skills are vital in todays business world. When you only get one chance at your sales pitch you want to make sure it counts. Your presentations must be poignant, direct and capture your audiences attention.

Presentations in the scientific community are also difficult as you are either presenting to a specialised academic audience or presenting complicated information to an amateur audience. In such a precise industry you must pitch your presentation on the right level to your audience and structured in such a way that they enjoy and learn from it!

This session will show you how to:

  • Structure your presentation for maximum impact
  • Communicate complicated ideas in a simple and powerful way
  • Use your voice to get maximum attention
  • Use audience participation
  • Communicate with clients and upper management in a persuasive and effective way

Dr Adam has been the presentation skills coach for the Local Government Managers Association, The Liberal Party and the Sydney Roosters football team.