Osborne Primary School

Adam was energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, informative, the list would be endless. The group really appreciated that Adam had researched his audience, he used current terminology for our roles and regularly referred to specifics in our workplace. It was obvious that Adam had prepared the presentation for us. His talk was also dotted with numerous amusing analogies that many are referring to, this helped us to remember some of the key points.

His presentation was the impetus for many supportive conversations, and has helped to further bond individuals and the group. I’m also sure that each attendee has had personal and professional growth from such an engaging and informative message.

Many of the Business Manager’s were going back to school to recommended Adam to their Principal. I’m not sure how that will pan out though – I would have preferred if the Principal’s were present at Adam’s presentation at our conference.

At the end of the day each school was presented with Adam’s book “The Third Space” and everyone was so appreciative. Offices with a few employees have got rosters going and the staff can’t wait for their turn with the book! It was a fabulous idea, thank you and your team for suggesting it.

On a personal note, I really enjoyed working with you and Adam and Adam’s team. I am very proud that I have been part of changing the direction and culture of our network to a supportive, professional orientated group.

Osborne Primary School