Cranbrook Junior School

Dear Adam,

We would like to thank you so much for the two fantastic sessions you ran for our Leadership Team and Junior School staff this past week. Rarely (sadly!) are start of term presentations on staff days still talked about well after they are over! Our staff were well and truly talking about what you were saying at the end of both day and beyond.

The messages you presented resonated with them, both personally and professionally, and we know they will continue to stimulate discussion about how we help every one of our boys learn best; how we help our school live up to its mission and values, so these are not just empty rhetoric; how we enable our leaders to be transformative in their different roles; how we can support our staff so they continue to give above and beyond because they believe in what they do as part of the team that is Cranbrook and they value the incredible importance of being a teacher.

We are sure you know that the many 'stories' you tell so engagingly are now being retold to families and friends because they are powerful and convey some great truths about people, and they tell us things that need to be told to us all at this time. We really would love to talk to you about adapting your session on the Third Space for our parent body because they need to hear it too. It conveys some really important messages about our current world and the way we need to parent. If this is something you would be happy to do, please let us know and we will discuss logistics.

We would very much like to continue working with you throughout the year in a range of ways, so it would be valuable or us to meet soon.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend with the family.

Best wishes,
Chrissy & Michel
Cranbrook Junior School