Loved your presentation last week our at Amgen ‘People Leaders Forum’.  You made a whole lot of sense.

I first used your notion of ‘transition using the third space’ many years ago when my 3 sons were under 10 years old. They are now in their (very) early 20’s and over time, I’d forgotten about the importance of this. Most evenings these days I rush back from a late night in the office (conf calls with EU) and bring all of that angst, tiredness, emotion into the house with me. Not good. At all. So – thanks for reminder; thanks for taking me back to when my kids were kids and I consciously used to ‘prepare myself’ before walking in the door of our house. Since your preso last week, I am now much more aware of doing this in all the ‘transitions’ of my day.

Attendee | Amgen