Going beyond resilience. 

Lots of organisations talk about needing resilience, however resilience simply focuses on how we cope when under pressure. In this disrupted and competitive world we have to go way beyond coping. Our research has asked the question what is beyond resilience?

Dr Adam Fraser and John Molineaux from Deakin University analysed over 800 professionals who worked in highly complex environments that were experiencing large amounts of change. The research showed that people who were evolving and innovating in these environments had one distinguishing characteristic, when ever they were in the midst of struggle they saw it as a challenge and focused on the growth that will come from it. In contrast people that faltered and suffered in complex environments saw struggle as a threat (I could mess this up, I could fail, I could be exposed as not knowing what I am doing) and their whole world became “how do I avoid this or blame someone else for this.

The ability to tolerate being uncomfortable while focusing on growth is known as STRIVE.

Quite simply the new competitive advantage in business today is having a workforce that has a STRIVE mindset.
In this presentation you will learn:

  • The importance of STRIVE and ways to help your teams acquire it. 
  • How to empower your teams with simple tools to increase their perseverance and tenacity in the heat of battle.
  •  how to create a STRIVE culture in your teams, where people reflect on progress, learn from our failures and create psychological safety.
  • how Striving at work is critical to an individual’s happiness and wellbeing. 
  • how to unlock key tools to help team members tap into the meaning and purpose of their role to increase their passion for their work.
  • How leaders and managers how to interact with their teams to increase their level of Striving.