Staying in high performance mode

Everyday your business faces high-pressure demands. Your workforce has been cut in half. Your people are being asked to do twice as much as they use to. And you’re all expected to deliver 3 times the results. It’s a state that drains your workforce of its power and fills the workspace with mounting stress. Dr Adam’s innovative research has shown that the only way to overcome this is to get into, and stay in, high performance mode by effectively managing your physical wellbeing. It’s what he calls SPARK.

And getting, and keeping, that SPARK helps your workplace be more creative, more innovative and more productive. It allows us to better prioritise tasks and enables clearer, more strategically powerful thoughts.

To help companies attain this high performance SPARK, Dr Adam has developed a diagnostic Red Line Program that acutely measures your team’s level of Physical, Intellectual and Emotional Stress. It predicts areas of burnout and fatigue and gives you the tools to manage your own physiology to elevate you to a high level of performance.

You and your team will walk away armed with the knowledge of:

  • How sleep impacts performance and how to maximise your sleep

  • How to maintain your energy and avoid the 3 o’clock slump

  • How to structure sleep, nutrition, physical activity and stress management to optimise your workplace performance and overall quality of life

  • How to manipulate your brain chemistry to be more focused, learn faster and be happier

  • How to structure your day to optimise productivity and reduce stress

  • The key to preventing burn out

To succeed in this fast paced, high performance world you and your team need SPARK.