The psychology of innovation

We are living in a marketplace of dramatically increasing complexity, competition and commoditisation. Technology is increasing customer power and awareness, driving down prices and margins, and increasing convergence, making it harder and harder to differentiate. This is the world we live in!

Years ago machines replaced us on a physical level, now with the dramatic advancements in artificial intelligence they are starting to replace our brains. Robo-advice in the US is a software program that manages people’s investments without any need for a human planner being involved.

Today business people are being kept awake at night by 2 big questions: firstly, how do we extract maximum value out of our existing legacy business models? Secondly, what is the new model that is going to help us compete and win in the future?

The reality is if we don’t evolve and innovate our current business models are going to become irrelevant and so will we.

Dr Adam Fraser is conducting cutting edge research around how do business people stay ahead of the pack by embracing innovation and evolution.

What is unique about this presentation is that he will not only cover the latest research on how we can be more innovative but also cover the psychology of what stops individuals, teams and organisations from innovating.

Specifically this presentation will cover:

  • What are the major forces of change disrupting your industry (will present case studies and data) and how you do business and go-to-market.

  • The key to innovation is looking at different industries and having different perspectives influence us. Too often we surround ourselves with people like us or who think like us. Some of the greatest break-throughs come when we collaborate with people who have different perspectives.

  • The most innovative businesses have a culture where people feel psychological safety. This means they are not afraid to put forward ideas and challenge convention. Learn how Google created psychological safety in their organisation.

  • Finally you will understand the psychology of why you limit your thinking and hold yourself back from embracing your ideas and executing on them.

Following this engaging and thought provoking presentation you will leave with strategies to drive clear and practical innovation into your business.