It is often said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. A flourishing culture is the most important aspect of a high performing team.

In the world of psychology, incredible breakthroughs have been made into understanding how cultures and groups work. When it comes to culture, we often outsource that responsibility to the senior leaders. Statements bandied about include ‘Well, culture comes from the top down!’ However our research is showing that culture comes from the bottom up too.

Every person in an organisation affects its culture. Every behaviour, from each individual, sends a ripple effect through an organisation that affects its culture. This fascinating, humorous and enlightening presentation will completely change the way your team views how they affect the culture of their organisation.

Specifically this presentation will delve deep into the psychology of groups through a series of fascinating case studies. It covers two guiding principles. First of all that human behaviour self excites. In other words, whatever behaviour you exhibit, others around you will copy that behaviour. What this means to teams is that any time people within that team deviate from the values and chosen behaviours, it creates a culture that is opposed to the strategic objectives of the organisation. Secondly, often behaviours that are thought to be ‘small and trivial’ can actually lead to large outcomes. And it’s these behaviours that can have a dramatic impact on the culture of the team.

To cement the learning, in small groups people will come up with examples of different aftershocks that can often be sent through the organisation, including those that have a positive impact and a negative impact. A self awareness exercise follows, where attendees will start to look at some of the aftershocks they are sending into their own organisation and what impact they are having on the culture of the team.

The major take-aways from this presentation are:

  • Every member of a team has a profound impact on what that culture looks like, not just the leaders. Culture doesn’t just come from the top down it comes from the bottom up too.

  • Every time you exhibit behaviours that are not aligned to the culture of the team, the culture is eroded.

  • Small behaviours are often thought of as being trivial however the wrong small behaviour can have a huge negative impact on a team or culture.

  • Greater awareness of each person’s impact, both positive and negative, on the people around them.