Agile Leader program

With the changing landscape of business leaders are having to lead in a way that is completely foreign to how they themselves was lead. While leaders logically understand that they have to change behaviour the hard part is actually doing it. This program helps leaders evolve their behaviour and mindset to help their organisation grow and evolve.


Over the last 3 years we have been working with Queensland Urban Utilities that focused on getting leaders (from executive through to senior and middle level management) to evolve their behaviour to align with the new values and the strategy of the company. In this time we have seen a significant improvement in culture and leadership (Constructive leadership behaviours have increased by 12%, Aggressive leadership behaviours have decreased by 9.5%, Passive leadership behaviours have decreased by 7%)

Here is an awesome video that summarises the program with a great testimonial from the CEO

In addition we have been working on a culture and leadership program with the Department of NaturalResources and Mining. This program has been incredibly well received and has seen a 26% improvement in leadership rating from their teams.