Agile Leader program

With the changing landscape of business leaders are having to lead in a way that is completely foreign to how they themselves was lead. While leaders logically understand that they have to change behaviour the hard part is actually doing it. This program helps leaders evolve their behaviour and mindset to help their organisation grow and evolve

The Third Space online program

The secret to work/life balance and better behaviour in the home.

This University tested program was developed over 7 years and has been proven to dramatically improve balance, behaviour in the home and the ability to recover from a hard day.

Investment: $199

OnlineJaxzyn$199.00 AUD
Strive program

Lots of organisations talk about needing resilience, however resilience simply focuses on how we cope when under pressure. In this disrupted and competitive world we have to go way beyond coping. Our research has asked the question what is beyond resilience?

Contact Centre Program

The role of a contact centre agent is to not only deal effectively with a customers enquiry but also give them an amazing experience as the same time. For this to happen the gent must show up to each call with the right mindset and emotional state. As a result, the new competitive advantage for contact centre is having agents with behavioural agility.