Session 2

Reality #1 - We can be more dysfunctional than we think

What we discussed is that we all have blind spots to our behaviour. Research shows that leaders are not

aware of the impact of their behaviour. Their perception of their impact is very diff

erent to the reality.

There are three reasons why this occurs:


We judge our behaviour on our intention, while other people judge our behaviour on our actions. You can

have beautiful intention yet be dysfunctional at the same time.


The most common fear people have is that they are not ok. They fear that there is something about

themselves that will not be accepted by others. Because of this fear many leaders do not want to look

deep inside and understand their own behaviour in case they don’t like what they see.


The mindset that “It’s not me, its you”, we prefer to look at and judge other people’s behaviour rather than

our own. This is a safe place for people as there is no accountability.

How we can use this to improve our leadership



en people take feedback about their behaviour as a personal a


ack. However you can be a good person

with negative behaviours. When receiving feedback can you separate yourself from your behaviour. Also it’s

hard to judge our own impact, so we need others to give us feedback in order to gain insight about our own