Brilliant new technology

Recently I was in discussion with a company about running a long term culture change program. They had just got their engagement survey results back and saw a big drop in engagement. When they investigated the cause it was traced back to some poor behaviours from a senior leader. The reality is that the Exec team and HR had no idea it happened and thus did nothing to address it. However the fall out of the behaviour spread like a virus through the organisation. The lesson I took away was getting feedback once a year is far far far too infrequent.

So whats the solution? I came across a cool company that has created a great tool to help you keep a finger on the pulse of the organisation. Here is how they describe themselves "We're here to create happier teams and better leaders. Our mobile app provides real-time feedback into how teams are feeling, an open platform to discuss the results and an easy way to share as a group, no matter where you are”

Check them out: