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Dr Adam Fraser - Peak Performance without the Collateral Damage!

Dr Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher who helps people strive to achieve better performance in everything they do. In his time he has worked with elite athletes and sporting teams, special forces soldiers and business leaders.
What is unique about his research is that it focuses on how do people go beyond their potential without the collateral damage that normally comes with elite performance.

Often success comes at a price in the following areas:
- Broken personal relationships
- Poor physical and mental wellbeing.
- Strained relationships with colleagues.
- Lack of fulfilment and connection to meaning and purpose.

Dr Adam’s work focuses on how do people strive to achieve peak performance without collateral damage in the following areas:
Physical and mental wellbeing.
Relationships, both personal and professional.
Commercial success for their organisation and engagement of their teams.

He calls this Constructive Striving.

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The Flourish Project

The Flourish Project is a collaboration between
Dr Adam Fraser Consulting, Deakin University Business School and The Shoalhaven Primary Principals' Council. The objective is to improve the performance and mental wellbeing of School Principals, as well understand the demands of the role.

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